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Our Mission

Our goal is to give all women a secret weapon that not only allows for beauty on the outside, but an inner confidence that all can see.

Meet Bree

The Brow Trio was created by Bree Olson in the spring of 2020 and is very much a pandemic success story. Prior to the arrival of Covid-19, Bree had spent years building one of the most successful eyebrow microblading businesses in Southern California. She soon found her business indefinitely closed due to Covid-19, but chose to not let this hold her back. With years of eyebrow expertise under her belt, Bree wanted to make perfect brows easily attainable for all women. Boom! The Brow Trio was born. Women no longer needed expert makeup techniques or expensive permanent microblading solutions. All women can now have perfect brows in seconds using The Brow Trio, a simple kit that is inexpensive and fits in a handbag.

Our Most Popular Products

The Brow Trio®

Kit includes 9 stencils. 3 regular arch, 3 low arch, and 3 high arch options, so you’ll always find your perfect brow! Stencil designs include a 2 in 1 length choice, so that whether you have a more lengthened brow, or a petite brow, we have you covered!

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Replacement Pomade for The Brow Trio®

Pomade is a smooth, creamy, waterproof, smudge-proof, and buildable so you can alternate between natural looking day time brows, to filled in night time glam brows. Pomade is beautifully blend-able until it dries.


Eyebrow Setting Gel

Need help taming brow hair and keeping it in place? Our long-wearing clear gel thickens and tames brow hair, without flaking. Setting gel can also create a more fluffy brow look. Our formula is vegan and cruelty- free.