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Signature Sponge Brush Cleanser


Our rose scented Signature Sponge Brush Cleanser is specially formulated to remove pomade from Signature Sponge Brush without damaging the integrity of the sponge material.

Vegan and cruelty free, this cleanser is a must have for maintaining a clean, grime-free sponge brush. When paired with the anti-microbial, textured silicone mat contained in the lid, even our long-lasting 24 hour pomade will be easily cleansed from the sponge.

Directions: Run sponge under water for 1 minute until sponge expands. Swirl sponge around in soap, then rub sponge gently on the textured mat to loosen pomade. Pomade will peel from sponge.

Paraben and sulfate free.